QuartSoft has covered a long way since 1999 when it started as a full-cycle web development agency to help clients build, automate and grow their online business. We had been playing a significant development role in many online startups, some of which got national awards: voice recognition automation solutions, social networks, finance management applications, online systems for Ivy League Universities. 

Now, we are a product company implementing gained technological and scientific expertise to build Soft.Farm — an agriculture automation platform, AutismTech — a behavior measurement and graphing automation platform for autism treatment, and online games: Farland, Papaya, and CoralIsle 2.

Technology Expertise: Collaborative applications, Game Development, Integration and orchestration middle-ware, Network software, Other Web-based solutions/applications
Industry Expertise: Banking & Finance, E-commerce, Education & Learning, Geo Solutions, Software engineering
Facts about us:
  1. QuartSoft runs operations in game development, product development and outsourcing.
  2. The point of professional growth for people with various specializations in IT.
  3. Evolving and building expertise to share with the clients and educate employees.
  4. The company with a human face and approach to staff and partners.
  5. We support students and local IT initiatives.
  6. Offices in North America and Eurasia.
Why choose us:
  • Available: Flexible cooperation models for staff and partners.
  • Ensure: Stability and evolving in tech, expertise, and business.
  • Offer: Reliable forecast of IT development and maintenance costs.
Company services:
  • Subscription to company products and online gaming.
  • New web project planning and development.
  • Turn-key design and branding: corporate identity for online and offline use.
We work in: USA, EU, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Swiss Confederation

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