Houston Software Pty Ltd

Houston is a specialist in curating, managing and maintaining dedicated teams of Eastern European software engineers to support the growth of tech startups and scaleups globally. Our senior management is located in the Western Europe and our high-performing developer teams are located in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Houston Software Pty Ltd
Technology Expertise: Content applications, Other Mobile, Other Web-based solutions/applications, Quality and life-cycle tools
Industry Expertise: Banking & Finance, Medicine & Healthcare
Facts about us:
  1. Houston has been around since 2015 and has since built a portfolio of successful, innovative clients from all over the world
  2. We hand-pick tech talent throughout the Ukraine and build up curated teams for our clients in our modern, secure offices in Kharkiv
  3. We’re experts in recruiting high-performing talent, considering both tech skills as well as the right soft skills that fit your company’s culture
  4. Our clients are located in the USA, the UK and Australia
  5. The main value of the company is people development. Our team is always the highest priority
Why choose us:
  • We are highly focused on work culture, which starts at the recruitment process.
  • Finding the right candidates for your team not just from a skill point of view but also when it comes to personality, attitude and passion.
  • All our developers work in secure, fully equipped and managed office facilities.
  • Our investment in a healthy work culture results in high retention rates.
  • Each client has a dedicated account manager and a supportive project manager, making sure your project is a full success.
Company services:
  • Financial apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Social apps
  • Software development
  • IT talent
  • Recruitment in Fintech
We work in: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany

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