We develop and re-engineer Java software products for the FinTech industry, with headquarters in the heart of the financial world, New York, and R&D labs in Ukraine, which is famous for its highly skilled Java engineers.

Technology Expertise: Blockchain, Collaborative applications, Data access and delivery software, Data structuring and software management tools, Engineering applications, Quality and life-cycle tools, Security software
Industry Expertise: Banking & Finance, E-commerce, Insurance, Retail & Wholesale
Facts about us:
  1. Established in 1993
  2. Headquarters in New York, USA
  3. R&D labs in Kharkiv and Kyiv, Ukraine
  4. 50+ Java Engineers
  5. Focused on the FinTech & financial services industry
  6. Runs WealthTech Club for WealthTech Experts
  7. Runs Smart Club meetup for software engineers
Why choose us:
  • Customers – We help customers to meet their long-term needs and desires, represent meaningful choices in cost and functionality, and develop a quality software product that consumers appreciate.
  • Teamwork – Our teams of IT professionals have a bond that promotes strength, unity, reliability, and support, and creates a synergy in which the sum is greater than its parts.
  • Professionalism – We honor our commitments and always get the job done. We don’t make excuses, but focus on finding solutions.
Company services:
  • Java Backend & Multi-Layering,
  • Reengineering & Microservices,
  • FinTech Engineering
We work in: USA, UK, Germany, Sweden

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