DC Link Group

DC Link Group is a leading multichannel distributor of high-tech solutions, with its own production and service support. Since 2002, company has developed the largest partner network in Ukraine, which now numbers 4000 companies.
DC Link Group branch offices are located in 6 cities. The total area of ​​warehouses is 8,000 sq. m.

DC Link Group is one of the largest IT distributors in Ukraine.

DC Link Group
Technology Expertise: Supply chain management
Industry Expertise: Retail & Wholesale
Facts about us:
  1. Founded in 2002
  2. 4000+ clients
  3. 50+ official distributions contracts
  4. Own engineering and technical department
  5. Own Trade Marks of Personal Computers: ExpertPC, Cobra, Prologix
  6. expertpc.ua—is the only one internet resource in Ukraine for assembling a unique computer configuration
  7. Own service center that provides warranty, post-warranty and corporate services, and makes paid repairs. It cooperates with well-known partners for warranty services: ASUS, Canon, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Sven, TP-Link and others.
Why choose us:
  • 1 000 BRANDS of computer components, electronics, networking equipment, household appliances, technological gadgets.
  • 20 000 SKU are on the shelves of companys’ modern warehouse complexes and are sent to the сlient to any point of Ukraine on the day of order.
  • Special terms for corporate clients.
  • We provide competitive price, fast delivery, trendy products and quality service.
Company services:
  • Wholesale,
  • Manufacture of PC,
  • Repair and maintenance services
We work in: Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro

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