Netpeak Group

An initiative to create an operating platform and cultural environment to grow existing businesses and launch new IT companies with a focus on export revenues to drive economic growth and achieve a “From Third World to First” mission.

Netpeak Group Netpeak Group
Technology Expertise: Data structuring and software management tools, Educational services, Operations and manufacturing applications, Other Mobile, Other Web-based solutions/applications
Industry Expertise: E-commerce, Education & Learning, Media & Advertising
Facts about us:
  1. 12 companies
  2. 750+ specialists
  3. 6 offices
  4. There are five business areas we work in: digital marketing agencies, product companies, conference organization services, community projects, and online university.
  5. Hybrid work policy: on-site and remote. We have offices in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan – Our mission statement is to get from Third World to First without changing the geographical location
  6. Our values are results orientation, flexibility, curiosity, continuous improvement, self-reliance, enthusiasm, and involvement.
  7. Since 2020, we have been investing in companies ready to become part of the Netpeak Group
Why choose us:
  1. Result
  2. Expertise
  3. Process
  4. Technological efficiency
  5. Transparency
Company services:
  • Online performance marketing.
  • SEO platform to automate the competitor, keyword and link research, website audit, optimization, and reporting.
  • Call tracking, telephony, end-to-end analytics platform.
  • Development of SEO tools for search engine marketing specialists.
  • LMS for businesses to train employees, partners, and customers.
  • Organization of IT conferences in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Mobile app marketing.
  • Accounting automation services and mobile apps for small businesses.
  • An online university of modern knowledge and skills.
  • Community-based urban development projects and a pet adoption platform in Kharkiv and Odesa.
We work in: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan

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