Since 2001, the Radmirtech company has been a leader in the production of measuring equipment for the Ukrainian and international gas industry.
“Radmirtech” JV is composed of a dynamic team of professional specialists, who are committed to continual technological and professional development.
Our specialists constantly update our range of products and implement the latest technologies to deliver the highest quality for our clients.

What we do: modems, sensors with: GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, and Wi-Fi and software for these devices.

Technology Expertise: Customer relations applications, Data structuring and software management tools, Engineering applications, Operations and manufacturing applications, Other Cloud/Server-less computing, Other Mobile, System management software
Industry Expertise: Manufacturing, Telecommunications
Facts about us:
  1. Over the past 10 years, the company has developed some modems, sensors for different consumer groups through the implementation of wireless technologies, including: GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi.
  2. Radmirtech is supported by a highly capable and competent IT- department.
  3. Regularly solve problems regarding: remote control, data handling, analysis and storing data.
  4. All based on the development platform SmartCount, which allows controlling the process of water metering, without leaving the office.
  5. The evolution of the IoT and Big Data spaces drives continuous improvement of our platforms with a focus on fulfilling our customers’ needs.
  6. Radmirtech has successfully integrated and incorporated IoT in its service offering.
Why choose us:

Because we have an:

  • experience 20 years
  • developers 20 more years
  • unique devices have been developed 12 more
  • customizing for client’s necessities, 80 more
  • IT products have been launched 10 more
  • patents and copyrights 12

We do:

  • Sensors and Data-loggers: GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Wireless, M-Bus
  • Software: Data collection server, Personal account, Water supply accounting platform
  • Services: Design, Installation, Support 24/7, Training programs
Company services:
  • Development and cosmicization;
  • Repair and verification;
  • Technology consulting;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Customize;
  • Software Product Development;
  • Technical support.
We work in: Ukraine

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