Akvelon is an award-winning business and tech consultancy serving clients across North America and Europe.
Our leadership is hands-on and customer driven.
The 600+ members of our team are committed to helping our customers define, shape, and execute key initiatives

Technology Expertise: AI/Machine learning, Applications development tools, Content applications
Industry Expertise: Construction, E-commerce, Education & Learning
Facts about us:
  1. Founded in 2000
  2. Fastest growing company in the Seattle (HQ) area for 6 years
  3. 17 years of experience in the IT and tech industry
  4. Our business serves nation-wide with offices in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Germany
  5. Kharkiv office established since 2008
  6. 100+ employees in Kharkiv
  7. The company is a partner and vendor of Microsoft
  8. Technology expertise: Custom Enterprise Engineering, Open Source, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Solutions, and Mobile
  9. Clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to Startups
  10. Unique hybrid model of on-shore and off-shore capabilities
Why choose us:
  • Mature and industrial-grade processes – oriented toward assuring quality, minimizing risks, and maximizing predictability
  • Hands-on, experienced and committed leadership
  • Highly specialized engineering expertise
  • Client-centric culture focused on meeting technology needs of all customers – from Fortune 500 to Startups
  • Rapid team ramp-up and ramp-down capabilities comprised of on-site, off-site, and off-shore teams serving North America, EU, and APAC
Company services:
  • All Modern Mobile Operating Systems
  • Enterprise Systems and Platforms based on Java, Microsoft Stack and Open Source
  • Cloud Applications and Service Platforms based on Amazon, Azure and OpenStack
  • Large scale data collection, analytics and telemetry, including applications for IoT, M2x and Connected Devices
We work in: USA, United Kingdom

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