WebLab Technology

WebLab Technology is a dedicated development team specializing in designing and delivering digital products and strategic consultancy services for complex technological challenges.
We architect and develop cloud-native applications, leveraging microservices, hybrid front-end, applied AI, and sophisticated automation to create cutting-edge digital products optimized for each client’s needs and objectives.

By combining a profound strategic perspective with expert product development, we assist companies in creating transformative solutions, leveraging new opportunities, and achieving digital leadership in their industries.

We take an engineered, de-risked approach to software development. Leveraging cloud infrastructure and automation, we can significantly reduce costs for infrastructure, operations and maintenance. Our expertise in areas like CI/CD and DevOps allows us to build reliable products faster.
We structure our work in the form of dedicated delivery teams – full-cycle development teams that take responsibility for delivering the entire product or project.

WebLab Technology
Technology Expertise: AI/Machine learning, Applications development tools, Collaborative applications, Data access and delivery software, Data structuring and software management tools, Integration and orchestration middle-ware, Other Cloud/Server-less computing, Other Web-based solutions/applications, System management software
Industry Expertise: Construction, Manufacturing, Media & Advertising, Medicine & Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics
Facts about us:
  1. We take pride in 10 years of crafting enterprise-level software that meets the most rigorous demands of our clients worldwide.
  2. Since 2014, our team, distributed between Estonia, Ukraine, and other countries, has fully transitioned to remote work.
  3. We abide by the principles of asynchronous work and the rule of minimal 4-hour overlap of working hours to optimally facilitate remote collaboration.
  4. We have worked with major pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Novartis.
  5. We keep the company free of project managers, sales managers, performance managers, and other managers.
Why choose us:
  • 10+ years of experience developing complex enterprise solutions.
  • The Weblab team becomes an integral part of the client’s company.
  • We create products that align closely with the client’s goals, crafting customized CI/CD processes and assembling teams of experts.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration as a dedicated remote team.
  • Specialists in cutting-edge technologies like AI.
Company services:
  • Web Applications Development
  • Business Automation
  • DevOps & Cloud Consulting
  • AWS
  • Complex Web Frontends
  • Veeva
  • Healthcare
We work in: Estonia

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