KnubiSoft is a team of experts, colleagues and friends, originally engaged in providing FinTech domain services in Ukraine and abroad. While accumulating experience and expanding technological expertise in the field, the team has managed to create its own FinTech product and today, empowered by 7-year experience, KnubiSoft helps other businesses create profitable FinTech products.

Technology Expertise: Applications platforms, Other Mobile
Industry Expertise: Automotive, E-commerce, Education & Learning, Sports & Leisure, Travel
Facts about us:
  1. Company experts have over 10 years in IT
  2. Collaborated with 5 Fortune 500 companies including Mercedes and Boeing
  3. Opened 3 turnkey offices in Ukraine for worldknown corporations
Why choose us:
  • Strong recruitment team with deep understanding of development technologies
  • Selection of highly skilled, disciplined and responsible specialists only
  • Workforce is 3 times cheaper than abroad and 10% lower than local companies offer
Company services:
  • Dedicated development team
  • Mobile and web development
  • UX and tech consulting
  • Digital transformation
  • Business automation
  • Technical support
  • Cloud solutions
  • QA and testing
  • Data security
We work in: Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Israel, USA , UK

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