20 years of enterprise-level product support and development experience along with the ability to create custom solutions from a simple app to a complex high-load project make Telesens a perfect fit for a wide range of tasks and task domains. We recognize how diverse our customers are, so we are always eager to identify customer pain points and discover the most suitable solution.

Technology Expertise: Data access and delivery software, Data structuring and software management tools, Enterprise resource management, Integration and orchestration middle-ware, Other Web-based solutions/applications, Quality and life-cycle tools, Storage software, Supply chain management, System management software, System software
Industry Expertise: Billings, Integrations, Process Automation, Telecommunications
Facts about us:

1. We have been delivering software since 1998
2. 10 copyrighted products are developed and supported by us
3. 75%+ share at 4 regional market segments
4. 130+ million transactions are processed by our systems daily
5. 700+ successfully completed projects

Why choose us:

● ISO 9001 certified
● We are perfect with complex enterprise projects
● Telesens Academy assists us to fill our vacancies on the instant
● Integration and support of third-party products in various maturity states are our top skills
● Dedicated CAM and PM

Company services:

● Products development, implementation, and support
● Consulting and Audit
● Outsourcing and Outstaffing
● Product integration or swap without business continuity loss
● Third-party products support

We work in: The USA, Canada, Nigeria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Germany, Turkey, The Netherlands, Israel, Austria, Sweden, Australia

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