Taxer is the first Ukrainian electronic reports online-service. Automated accounting system for the small companies and entrepreneurs. Taxer is a Ukrainian company that organizes effective interaction between small business and the state. We help entrepreneurs avoid the routine associated with accounting support for business activities. Our goal is to provide an easy and intuitive way to comply with tax laws and allow entrepreneurs to focus on their immediate activities.

With Taxer you can:

– receive automatic reminders of upcoming reports and payments;
– to form forms of tax declarations, contracts and statements ready for printing and delivery;
– send electronic reporting to the state tax service;
– to form invoices for payment of taxes;
– generate ready-to-print primary documents: acts, invoices, waybills, checks and download ready-made documents and provide them to your counterparties;
– access to the «Individual consultations» section, where you can ask any unique question to Taxer’s professional lawyers and accountants/

Technology Expertise: Applications platforms, Customer relations applications, Data access and delivery software, Data structuring and software management tools, Educational services, Engineering applications, Enterprise resource management, Operations and manufacturing applications, Other Web-based solutions/applications, Security software, Storage software
Industry Expertise: Banking & Finance, E-commerce, Telecommunications
Facts about us:
  1. In March 2012, we received a certificate of registration of the Taxer trademark.
  2. Our activities are absolutely transparent and comply with the letter of the law.
  3.  We guarantee users an honest and stable work. We are trusted by over 300,000 users.
Why choose us:
  • We created Taxer for you to save you time and effort that you can spend on family, business, travel, and development, while paid users allow Taxer to continue to exist and develop!

Thank you for purchasing a subscription to our service!

Company services:
  • -Taxer is a SaaS company
    (SaaS software as a service).
We work in: Taxer is the first web service for registration and submission of electronic reports in Ukraine.

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