Raccoon Gang

Raccoon Gang — is a group of online learning and Open edX experts sharing the common goal of expanding knowledge sharing throughout the world!

Raccoon Gang
Technology Expertise: Educational services
Industry Expertise: Education & Learning
Facts about us:
  1. 650+ Online Learning Projects Completed
  2. 6K+ Online Courses Hosted
  3. 5M+ Online Learners Engaged
  4. The client list includes 12 of World-Top 20 Universities
Why choose us:
  • PNarrow focus and high-level domain expertize
  • POpen edX and Online Learning contributors
  • PProficiency in multinational and multilingual projects
  • PFlexible solutions based on Top World universities backed technology
Company services:
  • LMS Development and Hosting
  • LMS Customizations
  • Open edX Services
We work in: African Countries, Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

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