G5 Entertainment AB

G5 Entertainment AB is a Swedish mobile game publisher and developer. Twenty years ago, we became the first mobile developers in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Since then, we have been leaders in the gaming industry.
– system integration;
– production of servers, data storage systems and computers;
– engineering and implementation of virtualization technologies, Data Centers, computer networks, video conference systems, video security, computer interactive systems for education;
– network security systems;
– audit and technical support of IT infrastructure;
– IT consulting;
– business process automation;
– sales of licensed software products.

G5 Entertainment AB
Technology Expertise: Game Development
Industry Expertise: Entertainment
Facts about us:
  1. 250 million users playing our games
  2. experience launching big hits internationally
  3. 900+ employees in 5 countries (Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, the US, and Malta)
  4. 20+ f2p worldwide projects in our portfolio, translated into 15 languages (including Hidden City®, Jewels of Rome™, Mahjong Journey®, Homicide Squad®, Jewels of the Wild West™, and more)
  5. stocks and profits divided among employees
Why choose us:
  • Over the past 20 years, G5’s organization and development have evolved. The company has become stable and can adapt and grow in a variety of market conditions.
  • We value and take pride in each of our employees and take care of our users.
  • We grow honest and trusting relationships within our company.
  • Our employees are masters of their craft, and each has an insatiable desire to create games.
  • We set ambitious goals for ourselves, and then we achieve them
Company services:

We work in: Ukraine, Sweden, Malta, USA

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