The place where it’s easy to make mistakes are if the motors are at 0°, but the gears are slightly turned, or vise versa. I chose to start from left to right in the app, which had me beginning with “Charlie” the chubby little dancing bot with a treasure-chest belly.

The builds have introductory video snapshots to get you pumped for the build. The other odd thing about Gelo is the impractical need to chase it around, controlling it from the hub. This is definitely one where you want to create a program that utilizes the remote control features. One issue with Charlie is that the builder has to be very careful about motor and gear positions.

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On one hand, it potentially encourages the builder to learn (or “invent” as the namesake goes) on their own. On the other hand, this could backfire for those who get easily frustrated without step-by-step instruction.

All of the motors have an absolute 0° marker, which denotes the proper starting point. With the way the programming works, it’s vital that this is correct.

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  • DevPoint Labs teaches 11-week full-time and 11-week part-time full stack web development coding bootcamps in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • DevPoint Labs’ approach to learning combines pair programming with traditional lectures and a mix of group projects, lean methodologies, hackathons and one-on-one mentorship from instructors.
  • The part-time class is available at the DevPoint Labs Salt Lake City campus and at the University of Nevada, and covers a very similar curriculum.
  • Students are immersed in their learning with daily lectures, pair programming, weekly presentations from full-time instructional staff who are professionals in the industry, one-week project sprints, and more.
  • The full-time class is part of the University of Utah Professional Education school, and covers HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, SQL, JavaScript, React, Redux, and more.
  • Code Fellows iTunes Windows 7 graduates work at Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, Expedia, XBOX, NIKE, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and over 700 other companies.

At least the programs give helpful tip bubbles to steer you in the right direction. I’ll say this multiple times, but the look and feel of the app are sleek, modern, and refreshing.


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