Same crap out of 2007 except with a few new items same dull engine. blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11! 1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Final Thoughts: Do not buy. This game doesn’t deserve 1 sixteenth the hype it gets. The folks at activision continue to tear off and rob year olds blind. It’s virtually the exact identical game as MW2, for $60, what a rip off. The only reason why this brand new, despicable call of obligation franchise is popular, is because it had been released on a good platform throughout the ideal time. Despite all game play fantasies and miserableThis match does not deserve 1 sixteenth the hype it gets. Despite all game play ideals and miserable healing (QUICK! ) ILL DUCK BEHIND THIS BARREL TO HEAL! ) Nobody on the console side of this spectrum correctly judges the worth of the pile of **** The ideal call of duty match by far was 2, but today they are on 8? The only reason they’ve endured is a pitiful shooter with a creation that doesn’t recognize a good FPS. It is shameful to see where my creation is led. If we’re going to lead the USA one day, then we are truly screwed. I could speak about the way the To EyeFinity… and beyond – GameCritics com Xbox and dumb stuff like this is bringing down the fall of humanity, but this is a sport review. The Point Is, IT SUCKS. COD4 and 2 where the finest of all time, THIS IS A FLAMING PILE OF DOG **** ON YOUR FRONT PORCH. … Expand The game triggers BluScreens. Google it. Lots of Bugs. Stutter on Intel i7 Extreme @3. 8GHz, 6GB RAM, Dual GTX460. Everything runs over 70FPS all settings high and this POS will stutter and drop to 5 FPS. This is simply inexcusable. Why am I paying for the same game that I already have? This just feels like the identical **** I have already played repeatedly. Additionally Reznov was dead the whole time plus mason was brainwashed. I’d like to earn a proper review about this game but sadly it’s completely unplayable for me, it has been just two weeks since the match was released and yet there still has not been a patch released to correct the stutter problem plaguing the PC version of the game; this kind of business practice is completely unacceptable and I will be demanding my money backagain. Definitely not suggested by me. The game is nearly unplayable for many with extremely Poor video stutters and lag


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