Technical skills. Include a technical ability part in your CV to list skills such as for example:

  • Motorist’s licences
  • Languages
  • Computer programmes.

Types of currently talking about individual abilities in your CV

In a skills-focused CV, list the abilities through the task ad with types of the method that you’ve utilized those abilities. This would be towards the top of your CV.

Strong interaction abilities

  • Person in Southwest twelfth grade debating group
  • Chaired the Mount Gibson Neighbourhood help committee for 2 years.

In a work-focused cv, describe your abilities in your projects history.

2015-2017 Client Services Representative, Beluga Rental Cars

  • Demonstrated strong interaction abilities whenever advising clients on auto insurance.

Learn more about putting abilities in your CV.

Work work and history or volunteer experience

Record your many recent jobs or work and volunteer experience first. Your projects history has to include:

  • The title for the company
  • The task title/role
  • Where the working task ended up being positioned
  • Start end and date date.

Beneath this, list the tasks you performed. Additionally list any achievements.

In the event that you change jobs within the exact same organization how much are russian mail order brides, include both work titles/roles.

You don’t have to record your entire work history keep your CV short.

Samples of work history

In the event that you opt for A cv that is skills-focused

July 2017-August 2018 Counter assistant Sione’s Bakery, Auckland
  • Customer care
  • Extra sales of big coffees by 10%.

In the event that you look for a work-focused cv, describe your abilities more:

July 2017-August 2018 Counter assistant Sione’s Bakery, Auckland

In charge of refreshments and customer support in bakery.

  • Demonstrated customer that is excellent abilities whenever using consumer’s instructions
  • Lead product sales of big coffees, increasing product product sales to 10per cent.

Utilize action verbs to explain your projects history

Utilize action verbs to explain your projects history and abilities. They are terms like demonstrated, managed, lead, developed, organised.

Gaps in your projects history?

You haven’t been in paid work if you have gaps where:

  • Make use of a skills-focused CV
  • Display abilities you’ve discovered on the break such as for instance preparation, cost management, looking after household members
  • Consist of work experience and volunteer work in your projects history
  • Give an explanation for basis for big gaps in your resume cover letter.


Record your skills or training within the skills portion of your CV. You could add:

  • NCEA levels or any other college skills
  • College topics with grades
  • Certificates, diplomas or levels
  • Micro-credentials and quick courses that are work-related
  • Work-based training
  • Expert development courses, seminars and workshops
  • Online courses.

Format of skills area

Record the modern or many relevant certification first. Include:

  • Title associated with the course or certification you finished
  • Title regarding the program provider
  • In which you examined
  • Begin and complete date of one’s training or research, or even the you graduated year.


Add an achievements part in your CV when you have essential achievements that are not covered within the abilities or work history parts.

You can add specific things like:

  • Honors and commendations
  • Successfully completed projects
  • Types of the manner in which you aided an employer that is former their objectives
  • Essential efforts into the community.

For every single instance, note exactly what the accomplishment ended up being, as soon as and where it was achieved by you.


As well as your passions on your own CV is optional. Should you, make certain you:

  • Consist of passions that show abilities that employers are searching for particularly leadership abilities
  • Avoid typical passions such as watching television or heading out with buddies.


Referees speak to employers regarding the abilities, work personality and history.

You will need at the very least two referees. One referee must be your manager that is current frontrunner or work experience supervisor.

Other referees might be a:

  • Previous boss
  • Recreations advisor
  • Principal or teacher
  • Respected community frontrunner.

Referee contact information ought to include their:

  • Very very first and names that are last
  • Work name
  • Organisation it works for
  • Contact number
  • Email.

CV templates and examples

See types of college leaver, skills-focused and CVs which are work-focused decide to try our CV templates.


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