PS4в„ў COMPATIBILITY All Turtle Beach PlayStationВ®4 video video video gaming headsets are suitable for the first and new PS4в„ў consoles.

In autumn 2016 Sony established this new, slimmer PlayStationВ®4 plus the brand new PlayStationВ®4 professional. All Turtle Beach PS4в„ў headsets are appropriate for these more recent variations of this system plus the initial, but there are some differences that are minor features and functionality dependent on which PS4в„ў console you’ve got.

PS4в„ў PRO:

The PS4в„ў Pro users in a brand new age of 4K HDR console gaming, therefore the best way to really take pleasure in the PS4в„ў that is best Pro video gaming experience is by using the greatest video video gaming sound. Turtle Beach’s latest gaming that is PS4 will be the perfect friend when it comes to brand brand new PS4в„ў Pro, with groundbreaking features, including sets from DTSВ® Headphone:XВ® 7.1 Surround noise and Superhuman Hearingв„ў to active noise-cancellation and comfort-driven innovations that will help keep you entirely immersed in the new 4K HDR video gaming bliss. Each of Turtle Beach’s industry leading PS4в„ў video gaming headsets and sound products are completely suitable for the PS4в„ў Pro.


While improvements to the beloved video gaming systems are always welcome news for gamers, equipment modifications to Sony’s new, slimmer PS4™ will influence compatibility with a small amount of Turtle Beach’s PS4™ video gaming headsets. Within the brand new, slimmer PS4™’s updated design, Sony made a decision to no further include an Optical Out sound jack, which impacts the connectivity and functionality of a few Turtle Beach PS4™ video video gaming headsets that currently utilize the Optical sound jack.

Below you’ll find a summary of Turtle Beach’s lineup that is latest of PS4™ gaming headsets, in addition to an in depth compatibility breakdown by which specific PS4™ systems each headset works together.


The PS4™ consoles, including the original PS4™, the new PS4™ Pro and the new, slimmer PS4™ to begin, let’s look at Turtle Beach’s PS4™ gaming headsets that work great with ALL.

The Turtle Beach P4C, Recon 50P, Recon 60P, PX24, and Elite professional Tournament Gaming Headset all utilize a standard 3.5mm link with the PS4™’s DualShock controller and can continue steadily to work great aided by the PS4™ that is original along with the new PS4™ Pro and brand brand new, slimmer PS4™ when they become available.


Now let’s take a look at Turtle Beach’s PS4™ gaming items that will differently operate a bit whenever used in combination with the latest, slimmer PS4™ minus the Optical Out sound jack. To be clear, the under models will nevertheless perform completely whenever used in combination with the original PS4™ and this new PS4™ Pro, but could have certain alterations in connectivity/functionality whenever combined with the newest, slimmer PS4™. Study below for particular, product-by-product details:

The above mentioned Turtle Beach PS4™ gaming headsets are created to hook up to the Optical Out sound jack located on the PS4™ that is original brand brand new PS4™ Pro, and you will be afflicted with this new, slimmer PS4™ console’s absence of a Optical Out sound jack. See below for certain information on exactly exactly how each is going to work because of the brand new, slimmer PS4™, in addition to informative data on optional firmware updates from Turtle Beach to help you get video video gaming regarding the brand brand brand new, slimmer PS4™!

TURTLE BEACH STEALTH 400 Turtle Beach Stealth 400 cordless Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStationВ®4.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 400 is a 100% wireless stereo gaming headset for PS4в„ў that uses the Optical Out sound jack and USB slot regarding the system to give separate game sound (via Optical) and talk audio (via USB) networks.

For the brand new, slimmer PS4в„ў with no Optical Out sound jack, you have got two options:

1. You can just just utilize the USB slot and choose Game and talk from the PS4 menu. That way, you certainly will nevertheless get both game sound and talk audio. But, you will definitely not any longer have control that is independent of sound and talk sound levels.

2. We released an update that is firmware the Stealth 400 that enhances your headset by allowing adjustable Mic Monitoring control. This firmware improvement will change the Stealth 400 ’s independent talk volume control with an alternate function set, Master amount control (game symbol) and adjustable Mic Monitoring control (talk icon), that allows you to definitely hear how noisy your sound seems inside the headset which means you never need to shout at your teammates or other players (unless you actually want to).

3. Instead, in case your TV licenses, you can easily link the Optical cable through the Stealth 400’s USB towards the Optical Out from the back of one’s television and enjoy all of the features associated with the headset. In case the system and television are actually divided, or your television is installed on the wall surface, you might need a much longer optical cable than is provided with this product. That cable can be acquired from our web site right right here.

The Stealth 400 firmware enhance has launched and that can be accessed through the Ear Force sound Hub. Personalize your sound and constantly be sure you might be operating probably the most up-to-date firmware! Click for the Ear Force sound Hub.


Turtle Beach Stealth 500P cordless DTSВ® 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PlayStationВ®4.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 500P is a 100% wireless DTSВ® 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset for PS4в„ў that uses the Optical Out sound jack and USB slot in the system to present separate game sound (via Optical) and chat audio (via USB) networks, in addition to Dolby DigitalВ® and DTSВ® Headphone:XВ® 7.1 Surround Sound (via Optical). For the brand brand brand new, slimmer PS4в„ў minus the Optical Out sound jack, you have got two choices:

1. You’ll merely just make use of the USB port. That way, you will definitely nevertheless get both game sound and talk audio by picking this regarding the PS4 menu. But, you certainly will not any longer have independent control of game sound and talk sound levels, and you may not any longer have DTS В® 7.1 Surround noise functionality nor DTS В® Surround Sound Modes.


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