We are not aware of any research that would suggest using it more broadly but consult your doctor. We support health writers who wish to spread their work to a wider audience. In short, there are good people trying to figure out how to use CBD wisely. “You could potentially be putting something in your body that has pesticides in it or possibly contains levels of lead,” Smith warned.

what is hemp oil

Stanley echoed this idea, instructing CBD consumers to look into the brand and their ability to control what he calls the “farm-to-shelf” process. Foria is one of those companies-as Reeves told us, Foria staff have “deeply personal relationships with growers and manufacturers,” which allows them to be more in tune with the intricacies of their production. “The key differentiator is getting to know the brand,” said Kiana Reeves, founder of Foria Wellness. “When you start investigating any cannabis, CBD, or wellness company, look into how much they know, how much information they’re putting out-not just transparency and ingredients, but forward-thinking .” In the cannabis space, getting to know the brand legitimately matters.

Fortunately, many companies are doing their part by being transparent and giving consumers the info they need. Here, some of the most credible resources within the cannabis industry lend their expertise on how to safely buy CBD-because, without regulation in place, you essentially have to do the “regulating” yourself. Here’s what you should look for, what to avoid, and everything you should know while shopping for CBD.

“In addition to looking at the lab reports for pesticides, how it was grown, and the metal levels, you’ll especially want to know how it was extracted,” says Miller. “I’m a fan of CO2 extraction because it’s nontoxic.” The alternates are butane- or ethanol-based extraction. When it comes to trust, as Reeves mentioned, you’ll want to only buy from a company that provides a COA, or certificate of analysis. This little PDF is proof that a third-party, independent lab tested the product you’re about to buy and found a number of things, including the following super-important ones.

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Cbd Gummies?

There is a grey area between dependence and addiction that popular culture largely ignores but people with liver disease should always be cautious. I will be waiting for the information to be changed to actually have real facts that have links to real medical juries and not a hippie’s opinion of there feelings on the subject. Note, the study cited in the article was very small with children under physician care but if you are a liver patient it is a cautionary note if you are considering CBD oil.

  • Scientists believe that CBD sends signals to the endocannabinoid system and serotonin receptors throughout the body, providing relief to its various systems as a result.
  • If you currently take a pharmaceutical drug that is processed by the cytochrome P450 enzyme , CBD may interfere CBD oil pills with your body’s ability to process it.
  • CBD may also interact with some types of medications, so it’s important to talk to your doctor before you start taking CBD.
  • The third party COA reports the various ND cannabinoids including THC and THCV.

Best Strains Of Marijuana To Use For Pneumonia Symptoms And Treatment Side Effects

Since there are no dosing guidelines and different people react differently, Behar suggests starting with a small amount — in their case, one candy — and waiting a half hour to see what the effect is. If you are going to consume CBD, Grant said, it’s a very good idea to check in with your doctor, who might at least be able to advise you about any possible negative interactions with any drugs you’re taking. Though Grant sees great promise in CBD, he’s dubious about putting it in foods.

“From a physician standpoint, I see cannabinoid as another possible medicine. … But the question is, would you put any medication — say aspirin — into Pepsi? To me, that’s crossing a line because people don’t know what they’re taking,” he said.


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