Do you would like to handle conflicts inside your professional and private life in a significantly additional relaxed manner?

Then you definitely are in fantastic hands using the “Institute for Mediation and Partnership Management” (IMB). In regards to mediation instruction, the IMB Institute for Mediation and Connection Management is one of the pioneers. For more than 25 years we have been setting new standards in the field of organization mediation and conflict management. More than 1,500 participants from a wide range of industries classification and division essay and professions have successfully completed their mediation instruction at IMB. These experiences naturally flow straight into our tried and tested course concept. That’s why we are the only institute inside the higher Munich area to meet the high coaching standards with the Federal Association for Mediation in Business and Operate (BMWA® e.V.) as well as the strict top quality criteria in the Stiftung Warentest (Test 2013).
Content and structure of our coaching:

The overall training in business mediation & conflict management consists of advanced coaching, basic education and advanced instruction. This corresponds to our coaching level 3, which requires levels 1 and 2.
Level 1 – Further training in conflict management & mediation Level 2 – Basic education as certified mediator & conflict coach Level 3 – Advanced course in enterprise mediator & conflict manager.
By completing our A courses, you will reach our training level 1 – you will receive a certificate of attendance for this training and create the opportunity to qualify as a mediator in accordance with Med.G. (Level 2 required) as well as the basis for qualification as a organization mediator IMB and BMWA® (Level 3 required)
If you have completed both our A-courses and our B-courses, you will reach our instruction level 2, which is rewarded with all the corresponding certification as a mediator and conflict coach. You also achieve the qualification to become a mediator in accordance with Med.G and create the opportunity to qualify as a small business mediator IMB and BMWA® (IMB C courses).
An individual booking of our B-course is only reserved for graduates of our own institute.
If you also effectively complete our C courses or our all round training as a package (course package A + B + C) and thus reach our coaching level 3, you will acquire the qualification to become an IMB and BMWA® enterprise mediator
Completion of the overall education entitles you to academic upgrading in our university master?s course “Professional Master of Mediation” at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

As a graduate of our certified training, you have the opportunity to be recognized as a “certified mediator” according to ZMediatAusbV § 6 MediationsG as well as for recognition and registration as a mediator in all three recognized large associations of mediation in Germany:
BMWA® (Federal Association for Mediation in Small business and Perform) BM (Federal Association of Mediation e.V.) BAFM (Federal Association for Family Mediation)
As a graduate with the overall course, you also meet the requirements for entry within the following lists of mediators:
MZM (Munich Central Office for Mediation e.V.) IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria CfM (Central Office for Mediation, Cologne)
A team of top trainers with university level will guide you to success with enthusiasm.
You can find our next coaching dates in our seminar catalog.
The IMB is certified by the Federal Association for Mediation in Business enterprise and Function. V.


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