Cinematic teal and orange. Muted pastels. Digital photos that seem like old movie stocks. These trends have mastered the photography world in the past several years, as more photographers push the bounds in post-processing. In 2020, a unique editing style is much more than only a way to be noticed. It’s also a creative touch, and much more photographers are finding it by experimentation with Lightroom presets. While some prefer to create their own, others are taking advantage of the stellar presets already available online from different artists. Presets, like filters, choose the guess-work and hassle from picture editing, giving you the capacity to achieve any aesthetic you need –whether it’s inspired by your favorite photographer, like an iconic filmmaker, or reminiscent of your grandma’s grainy photograph album. The process of installing presets is straightforward: First, when you select one you like, you will get a zip file from the web or get one via email after purchase. Unzip the document, head over to the Lightroom Develop module, and expand the Presets panel. Click the + icon to import your presets. It is that simple. Here’s a look at 12 of the must-have preset bundles available, all created by photographers on 500px. Lightroom presets for landscape photography art and landscape photographer Max Rive comes with an Instagram following of over million individuals –and it’s 가을라이트룸 프리셋 kor easy to see why. With 336 complete preset combinations, his package allows users of all levels to emulate his own majestic, awe-inspiring aesthetic through his signature use of comparison and colour. You can go cool with Instagram-inspired looks or follow in the footsteps of landscape painters past with dramatic and interrogate edits. The bundle is currently available for a heavily discounted $49. Nick Verbelchuk straddles the genres of adventure, travel, lifestyle, and landscape photography–and his presets do the exact same. His backpack has something for any established or emerging photographer hoping to put in a little bit of gloss and”soda” for professional-looking–and wanderlust-inducing! –images. Whether you’re seeking to adjust your vulnerability on bright, sunny days; urge heavy, soaked blues; or yearning for a darkened, earthy vibe, there’s a preset in here to you personally. Get the bundle for $35. TJ Drysdale’s digital shop has something for everybody, such as recording tutorials, Photoshop actions, and, naturally, Lightroom Presets. Like Drysdale’s fairytale-inspired photography, these presets defy easy categorization; they will get the job done for photos, fashion photographs, landscapes, and more. His packs comprise standouts such as Portrait Moods, Cinematic Presets, and Film Presets, however for the landscape photographer, you can’t beat the romance of Pacific Northwest, a set of 14 premium presets which bring out the lush greens and blues of the forest and sea


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