World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Game Ready Driver Released

Maybe even 1-2 FPS above compared to previous 411.63, but again change is so small that it may be just test variance. Smoothness and stuttering is very good, also in line with the last driver. To make matters worse, with the Windows 10 Spectre microcode mitigation patch for Intel processors installed on my PC at the same time, another extra variable has been added to the mix.

Once again performance doesn’t change at all in the Division. The same FPS numbers, and the same perceived smoothness (stuttering almost non-existant).

As such, this game have lower Frames per Second on average, but framerate is more stable and with less stuttering instead. What it’s interesting though is that while the Average frame time is a hair worse , both the Lower 1% and the Lower 0.1% are indeed a bitbetter than the previous driver.

How often should I update Nvidia drivers?

Major driver releases only happen every 4–6 months, but Nvidia will release “Game Ready” drivers on a nearly monthly basis.

As a conclusion, given the huge amount of bug fixes included, if you are already running a driver of the 411/416 branch I think it could be worth upgrading to this latest driver. Same FPS numbers, no stutters, same smoothness perception on the game. I have created no summary graphs or tables for the 416.xx version due to some changes to the benchmark PC in 416.16 and 416.34. We don’t have any significant change on Arkham Knight. All FPS measures are almost on par with previous driver.

On my Pascal 1070Ti both The Division and Wildlands got improvements in framerate and frame pace smoothness, and FarCry 5 is almost on par or even a hair better than before. Seems that once again CPU usage has improved, so this can explain the gains on my rig with a midrange 4th gen. i5. Far Cry V have almost the same numbers than the previous driver. Same Max and Min, and maybe 1-2 extra Average FPS, but should not be considered significant as it’s well within the test error margin. Once again I’m getting another noticeable improvement over the previous driver (and remember that 399.24 was in turn a huge jump over the precedent 399.07).

  • Surely, don’t update drivers in bunches, using some driver scanner type of program.
  • If you are not having issues there is no need to update drivers.
  • And I posted that old thread of mine where I experience freeze.
  • I play the sims and there’s an official kinda website that says if your computer meets the requirements and stuff.
  • The "ain’t broke dont fix it" mentality isnt wrong but sometimes updated drivers are a good thing.

Average framerate increased by about 3-4 extra FPS (5%), with minimum and maximum numbers increasing too. Game smoothness and microstuttering was greatly improved in the previous 399.24, and once again this benchmark seems to run even smoother. Nothing stellar, but significant above error margin. Also, subjective smoothness seems better overall during the benchmark, and micro-stuttering seems less frequent. During gameplay I’m playing capped to vSynced 60 fps, and smoothness is perfect in any case without any noticeable stutter at all.

For those playing Monster Hunter World, I haven’t noticed any change at all since 411.63. Performance got improved a bit in the previous driver, and is still the same on this one. Again, FarCry V have logitech g933 drivers almost the same numbers as the previous driver (which got a couple of bumps in the last releases so it’s ok).

Why is my FPS suddenly so low?

Sudden slowdowns – where the game is running fine and then the frame rate drops quite suddenly – are sometimes caused by these CPU slowdowns. If these CPU slowdowns happen when your game is running slowly then it is reasonable to assume that they are the cause and that your CPU is overheating.

Hardware Bottleneck:

My system is pretty much CPU constrained, other systems with more breathing room on the CPU side might not see this performance drop. Those with new and fast processors might not notice any changes, but those with limited horsepower on the main CPU might see their performance reduced. No significant gains or losses compared to 416.16, except maybe the couple of FPS up on FC5, which is always welcome. And once again, Shadow of Mordor does not have any noticeable changes on the new driver.


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