PresetsExploreWE ARE MERIDIAN PRESETSA Collective Of Professional PhotographersMeridian editing programs are the distillation of countless hours of trial and error, experimentation and discovery, instead of viewing every picture anew. So, to this end, we have developed Meridian Presets to assist you do just that. And in the heart of everything we do will be our love and gratitude for our community of creatives in LOOKSLIKEFILM, without whom our individual and collective accomplishments would be lightyears behind. Therefore, if you are already a member — thank you! And in the event that you want to see firsthand what all the fuss is all about — then, please. Run! Come watch! Our SetsBenj Haisch – Cascade 02Traveling the world photographing weddings, Benj Haisch has begun to recognize that not all light or colour is the same throughout the board. In of 2018, he photographed weddings in the desert, tropical, urban, & inland surroundings in a massive range of moderate intensity. Since Benj tweaked the presets to correct accommodate to those surroundings, things started to stick and FREE Looks Like Film Presets Cascade 02 began to shape. Meg Loeks – SolsticeThis preset pack is centered approximately four distinctive seasons. They enhance the new colors of richness and spring of fall. These presets carry hot skin tones alongside cool and colorful greens. High compared, the pack will fortify measurement and depth. They produce rich colours with a slight matte finish which exude a feeling of timelessness and nostalgia. This preset pack is ideal for low light and backlit pictures but are versatile. Lukas Piatek – LPXThe LPX presets are perfect if you travel a lot. Light is different everywhere you go and Lukas made this collection to operate with any mild setting. Each pair comes with predefined appearances which may be modified in hundreds of ways. This set is for fans of warm and cool tones. The LPX set will be constantly upgraded with new presets as soon as you buy it. Special offerLOOKSLIKEFILM PRO USERS get a 20% discount on any of the aforementioned presets sets. Subscribe in order to get a coupon code to utilize.


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