Yoctocode, LLC is a software development company which creates end-to-end solution from concept and strategy to the completed software and hardware implementations. We provide top notch software consulting and solution design services in close interaction with our customers. We get things done.

Technology Expertise: Network software, Other Cloud/Server-less computing, Storage software, System software
Industry Expertise: Entertainment
Facts about us:
  1.  We specialize in business software development and IT consulting.
  2. The main vector of our activity is integration.
  3. We create advanced B2B solutions.
  4. We automate complex business processes.
Why choose us:
  • We’re obsessive about really understanding your business and core processes before we start talking about developing solutions
  • We follow the lean approach and launch every project with a small and focused team to produce incremental deliverables quickly
  • Our rapid deliver/feedback cycles allow to get solution to the market rapidly and to enhance incrementally based on end-user feedback
  • Just as modern applications are made up of individual services our pricing is made up of logical “blocks” priced individually, so that you can start small and add or remove as desired
Company services:
  • Solutions Architecture,
  • Software Products development,
  • Prototyping,
  • Systems Integration,
  • Cloud Migration,
  • UX andVisual Design,
  • Internet of Things
We work in: US, Ukraine

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