Ezlo Innovation

Ezlo Innovation is a global leader in developing connected solutions to businesses across categories like home control, energy, wellness, property management, and insurance. Our cloud-to-ground platform, which includes modular software, robust cloud infrastructure, customizable applications, and cutting-edge hardware, enables us to easily deliver scale into the marketplace.
Our brands include:
Mios. Your partner in innovation (white-label branding)
Vera. Make your home safer. Make your life easier.
Fortrezz. Protect your home against water damage
Centralite. Reliable connected home devices

Ezlo Innovation
Technology Expertise: AI/Machine learning, Applications development tools, Applications platforms, Integration and orchestration middle-ware, Other Cloud/Server-less computing, Other Embedded technologies, Other Web-based solutions/applications, System software
Industry Expertise: E-commerce, Manufacturing, Retail & Wholesale
Facts about us:

1. 4 brands 2. 200+ employees 3. 10 offices 4. on 3 continents

Why choose us:

Breakthrough development of innovative products
Proficiency in latest technologies
Team of passionate and dedicated technical professionals

Company services:

Smart Home, Automation Solutions

We work in: USA, Ukraine, Romania, Colombia

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