Adoriasoft is a team of engineers, mathematicians, and cryptography experts with a primary focus on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Technology Expertise: AI/Machine learning, Blockchain, Data access and delivery software, Network software, Other Web-based solutions/applications, Security software
Industry Expertise: Banking & Finance, E-commerce, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medicine & Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics
Facts about us:
  1. 2010 Founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine
  2. 60+ Successful projects since 2010
  3. Focused on Blockchain and DLT since 2016
  4. 9 Completed projects in blockchain since 2016
  5. 35+ People who love their job
  6. Engineers, mathematicians, and cryptography experts on board
  7. Cherry-picked team all over the CIS region
  8. Member of The Linux Foundation, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, Hyperledger, CryptoValley
  9. Launching own Swiss-based IT-products
Why choose us:
  • We are more than just coders, our team consists of science-oriented experts with math-driven approaches
  • With a considerable background in information security and cryptography, we use our knowledge and skills to create complex and secure software solutions from the ground up
  • We adopt the team augmentation model, meaning we seamlessly integrate our IT professionals into our customers’ existing teams
  • Our extensive experience in product development allows us to join the project at the earliest stages and suggest the most effective ways of its implementation.
  • In creating software, we always start with the discovery phase and get to the very core of the product
Company services:
  • Blockchain Core R&D
  • Distributed Ledgers And Apps
  • Assets Tokenization
  • Blockchain For Enterprises
  • Blockchain Audit And Consulting
  • Information Security For Enterprises
We work in: USA, Europe

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