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It has many features that you find in some of the other software packages, however, everything is put in specific cells on different sheets. You can customize your equipment profiles, create grain bills, and hop profiles.

It does priming calculations, OG corrections, pitch rates, refractometer calculations, brew day timers, and much more. Brewtarget is an open-source software with a great set of tools. It gives you a lot of control when it comes to designing your recipe. In some cases, the user base might not be public information. Also, when trying to analyse social media and forums, it should be noted that this is just an attempt to show the representation of the active users. I looked at Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and forums to get an idea of the user base for each home brewing software.

It is modeled after most of the other popular software but it does everything using formulas in Excel. With this software comes your typical recipe builder, however, they also have a pretty good set of tools including a nice library of forms and templates. They have a great tool for water chemistry as well as a great reference for water reports. Brewer’s Friend has a Free version in which you can store up to five recipes. The software automatically calculates the color, bitterness, gravity, and ABV.

[+] Quick Search – Searches all recipes for the word you’ve entered. [+] Assign multiple categories to recipes for easier grouping, finding and creating Menus. [+] One-click recipe exchange with other PC and Mac CookWare Deluxe users. [+] Link recipes together – recipes that complement, recipes that require another recipe.

When you start the program for the first time after installing it, a box pops up on the screen and asks you if you’d like to take a quick tutorial of the software. While there is probably a working model of such a computerized kitchen somewhere, the how to download Star Wars Empire at War recipe software is already here.

Food fans may want to take Sierra Home’s The Best of MasterCook for a spin. Once again, I have not personally used every software listed here and this post just scratches the surface when it comes to the different options available for brewing software. They change and the good ones frequently update to keep with modern devices and new platforms. My current favorite does an excellent job with staying up-to-date. One cool feature I noticed was that if you are a brewer that keeps on top of their inventory, this software can recommend brews based on the ingredients you have in stock. Though somewhat limited when comparing it to the others, when it comes to an IOS app based software, BrewPal is still a nice tool to have. If you are spreadsheet savvy, this might be a pretty good fit for you.

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  • I’ve already manually copied over my small collection of 120 recipes with no difficulty at all.
  • I look forward to development as this will, I’m sure, go from strength to strength.
  • I use it all the time with my iphone and the programme even stays open all the time when you’re cooking.
  • I went with MacGourmet; I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for recipe software .
  • I’d like to be able to italicise or bold where required, particularly with sub headings in Ingredients.
  • I’ve also tried the web recipe search side and it works very well.

Cookware Deluxe comes with great recipes, but it gives you the option to search only the recipes you’ve entered. As one might expect from the Betty Crocker content, the recipes in The Best of MasterCook are fairly mainstream. But more imaginative dishes, like eggplant matzo lasagna, are sprinkled throughout, and there are some nice selections from international cuisines, particularly Asian.

2] Studies have shown that shopping for a week’s worth of groceries at one time rather than shopping two or three times a week will save a significant amount of money. By using its Meal Planning Calendar combined with its Shopping List you can save a tremendous amount of time, money and energy. Any searches you perform can be saved so they can be performed again at a later date with the "My Searches" feature. You can find recipes by using a combination of typed words and pop-up menus.


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